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Doctor's Letters

We are aware that patients are often asked to provide a "doctors letter".

This may be to document how an illness impacts on a patient’s life. For example

  • exam performance / mitigating circumstances
  • housing needs
  • work needs
  • application for benefits such as PIP appeal, blue badge.

Provision of these letters falls outside of the remit of the NHS and there is therefore a fee payable (up to £80-100 for more lengthy reports). In addition they have to be completed outside of clinic hours and may take up to 10 working days to complete, depending on staffing levels.

In the majority of cases we are unable to independently verify the impact a condition has on a patient’s life and therefore just end up documenting the patients statement. We do not feel that this is a good use of a clinician’s time or a patient’s money.

As such we have developed a self-reporting letter form that you can complete yourself. This enables a patient statement regarding functional ability or illness to be included in the medical record and provided on a headed letter from the practice. 

There is a £10 fee to process your request payable on collection of the signed letter, which you can pick up from reception after 3 working days.

The letter will have the statement that you wish us to put and to whom you would like us to address it to. In addition it will be using our letterhead, date and your name, NHS number and date of birth. It will not be validated by a clinician. A sample is attached below.

This is not in the doctors words or with confirmation from the doctor nor can it have any assertion or remark from the doctor/GP ie GP has advised or recommended that I am not fit to fly etc. If it makes any such claims/assertion we would not be able to process this letter at the reduced rate and would revert to you to the normal private process where simple letters start at £40.

Please ensure the details and the statement provided by you are complete - any adjustments after the initial letter has been printed and signed will be subject to a further charge of £5.

As an alternative to this patient statement, or as an addition, you can request a summary printout of your medical notes which will have an unfiltered list of medication and all your ongoing and recent problems which is not chargeable.

We do not consider letters to be clinically urgent. If you require a letter urgently (ie within 24 hours) we charge an administration fee of £30 (total cost of letter instead of £10) or at least £70 if the letter needs to come from a GP or requires additional work ie confirmation etc.

Please note that clinician’s appointments should not be booked for the purposes of writing letters or reports, they should only be used for providing Clinical NHS care.

If you require an different letter, or the letter as described previously is not sufficient then please provide as much detail as you can. Any letter will be issued at the clinician’s discretion. There may be some wait to arrange this. Please refer to our private fees section for further details and charges.

Please note that we cannot accept any responsibility for self-reported content. Any requests/letters that are deemed inappropriate will be declined.

Click below for an example of a letter:

Self reporting example letter.pdf



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